Mixing and Soaking Grains for Chickens


Sometime ago I read that soaking activates nutrients and makes food more digestible. We started soaking and sprouting grains for ourselves and then for our precious chooks. Here’s the system we use for our chickens…

Soaking is easy – I use two yogurt buckets. The inner one has a few holes drilled in it. Easy. I put the bucket with holes in the whole bucket, add mixed feed and the water. Next day before feeding, I take the buckets outside, remove the inner bucket and drain it over the veggie bed. Water from sprouted grains has a few goodies in it and can be used to water your plants.

WHAT GOES INTO THE MIX – wheat and finch grain from Stockfeeders, sunflower kernels, diatomaceous earth and baked & crushed egg shells. The mix gets soaked for 24 hours and fed to chooks every morning. New mix is then added to the bucket and soaked until next morning.

On top of that our hens have access to compost and kitchen scraps, are often free ranged (one sneaky girl keeps getting into the raised beds), get additional greens (including dandelions, plantain, yarrow, wormwood etc) and at least one helping of yogurt every week. Mind you – they are all heritage breeds and they don’t have high requirements of hybrids and meat birds.

About Barb Susac

Art - mainly mixed media, weaving and stained glass. Also adventures in permaculture and sustainability in the harsh reality of Western Australia. Seed saving, plant propagating, perennials, wildcraft and gardening.
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